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Medical and aesthetic laser treatments
Sep 2023
We're excited to offer treatments with laser for sun-damaged skin, mole removal rosacea, unwanted vessels and pigmentation, overgrown scars and more.
IPL skin rejuvenation clinic Melbourne: facial and skin treatment
Mar 2023
IPL (intense pulsed light) is a treatment for sun-damaged skin and other skin conditions. Spot Check Clinic uses IPL therapy for removal of freckles (“age spots”), facial redness and capillaries (“spider veins”), skin tightening, rosacea, hair removal, scar reduction and some skin cancers and pre-cancer lesions.
Skin rejuvenation clinic
Feb 2023
As well as offering skin cancer screening and treatments, we’re also a skin and facial rejuvenation clinic, with treatments for pigmentation, visible vessels, unwanted moles, fine wrinkles and other signs of sun-damaged and ageing skin.
Appointments at short notice
Jan 2023
If you are concerned about a spot and can't book an early appointment online, call us on 03 9098 7474. We'll do our best to see you in 1-2 days.
Skin checks, mole mapping and private health insurance
Jan 2023
Unfortunately Medicare doesn't pay any rebate toward molemapping, and neither do the biggest private health insurers. Fortunately, many Australian private health insurers do contribute to the cost of skin checks and mole mapping. We've compiled a list of some of these insurers.
Save time by sending us a photo of your mole
Aug 2022
Thinking of having a mole, skin tag, angioma or other unwanted lump or spot removed? There are a few ways of doing this and we want to make sure we choose the right one. Save time on an initial consultation by sending photos of your mole.
Rosacea services now available
Mar 2022
Rosacea is made worse by heat, sun exposure and wearing a mask. We are seeing a lot of it lately! We now offer a range of treatments including BBL intense pulsed light, prescription medications and non-prescription skin products.
Photodynamic treatment now available
Jan 2023
Introducing photodynamic therapy for skin cancers and solar keratoses. Excellent cosmetic results without surgery or weeks of treatment.
Low scarring mole removal now available
Nov 2021
Unsightly raised moles and seborhoeic keratoses are easy to treat, but the treatment often leaves scars. We're now offering removal of raised skin lesions using radiofrequency surgery, which results in less scarring than other methods.