Sunscreen recall

20 Aug

Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd is recalling all batches of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+ (aerosol sunscreen), AUST L 202301, because benzene has been detected in some batches in Australia.

All batches with an expiry date of 30th August 2023 or earlier should not be used.

If you have purchased this sunscreen, you can obtain a refund by filling in the Neutrogena Aerosol Sunscreen Recall Refund Form.

Benzene is a human carcinogen. It is not an ingredient in this sunscreen but is sometimes used in the manufacturing processes. The TGA requires a limit of benzene below a concentration of 2 parts per million. Johnson & Johnson detected benzene at concentrations less than 3 ppm in two of 17 batches supplied in Australia.