Spot Check Clinic, established in 2017 by Dr Chris Miller, is an independent and specialised skin clinic dedicated to detecting, treating and preventing skin cancers, sun-damaged skin and other aesthetic and medical skin concerns..

We use evidence-based treatments and industry-leading technologies with a strong focus on patient education and involvement.

Our principal doctor has a background in general practice and a special interest in skin cancer, with 14 years' experience working exclusively in this field.

You don't need a referral from your GP to visit Spot Check Clinic.

Our mission

We aim to provide best practice in skin cancer and sun damage screening, diagnosis, management and prevention by:

  • providing an experience that exceeds our clients' expectations in comfort, convenience, respectfulness and friendliness
  • using technology to enhance detection, diagnosis and management of skin lesions and conditions, and empowering our clients by sharing technology
  • developing a strategy optimised for each client, to manage and/or prevent serious skin cancers, optimise skin health and repair sun damage. We enable the strategy by providing personalised education and access to evidence-based products and therapies

Our approach to treatment

Wherever possible, we offer treatments based on a combination of

  • efficacy, as demonstrated by the best possible evidence, and
  • acceptability to our patients.

This means we consider factors such as side effects, cost, discomfort and personal preference to devise a treatment strategy that suits the individual as well as possible.

We constantly re-evaluate our treatment offerings based on medical literature and continuing medical education. This means we occasionally offer and recommend new treatments and discontinue older ones based on our improved understanding of efficacy and risks.

When offering and recommending cosmetic and other treatments for sun-damaged and ageing skin, we keep in mind the following principles:

  • We keep treatments as simple as possible, offering maximum value for money. Rather than prescribing or recommending expensive branded skin care products, we prescribe and recommend products compounded to our specifications by pharmacists who specialise in skin products.
  • We keep our mark-up on retail products to a minimum, so our patients can leave our clinic with the products and treatments we recommend.

Job opportunities

No current job opportunities

Clinic news and announcements

6 Dec
Products available at Spot Check Clinic
Sunscreen, moisturiser that repairs sun damage, advanced wound-healing gel, custom-compounded treatments and more.
14 Sep
Medical and aesthetic laser treatments
We're excited to offer treatments with laser for sun-damaged skin, mole removal rosacea, unwanted vessels and pigmentation, overgrown scars and more.
4 Mar
IPL skin rejuvenation clinic Melbourne: facial and skin treatment
IPL (intense pulsed light) is a treatment for sun-damaged skin and other skin conditions. Spot Check Clinic uses IPL therapy for removal of freckles (“age spots”), facial redness and capillaries (“spider veins”), skin tightening, rosacea, hair removal, scar reduction and some skin cancers and pre-cancer lesions.
12 Feb
Skin rejuvenation clinic
As well as offering skin cancer screening and treatments, we’re also a skin and facial rejuvenation clinic, with treatments for pigmentation, visible vessels, unwanted moles, fine wrinkles and other signs of sun-damaged and ageing skin.
30 Jan
Photodynamic treatment now available
Introducing photodynamic therapy for skin cancers and solar keratoses. Excellent cosmetic results without surgery or weeks of treatment.
30 Jan
Appointments at short notice
If you are concerned about a spot and can't book an early appointment online, call us on 03 9098 7474. We'll do our best to see you in 1-2 days.