Products available at Spot Check Clinic

6 Dec

Treatments for sun-damaged skin can be confusing and expensive. Many branded “cosmeceutical” products are effective but offer only marginal — if any — benefits over cheaper products which have been proven effective over many years.

Our approach is to review evidence for the medications that have the most benefit and to recommend these to our patients as part of a skin repair regimen. Some of the most effective creams are require a prescription, which can be provided by our doctor if clinically appropriate.

For the convenience of our clients, we stock a range of preferred treatments for sun damaged and ageing skin. We recommend and sell products from a range of brands and manufacturers. These include:

  • Compounded medications made to our specification. These medications have proven benefits over commercially available products in stores and pharmacies.
  • Reasonably-priced commercial products that offer the best value for money. These contain only the tried-and-tested ingredients which are proven to be effective, without extra ingredients which inflate the price and offer only slight improvements in efficacy.
  • Where multiple pharmacologically identical products are available (for example, vitamin B3 tablets), we sell the cheapest one we are able to find.
  • Wherever possible, we recommend products that do not contain unnecessary ingredients such as fragrances and tints.
  • We listen to feedback from our clients, and sell the products that are popular.

Products currently available for sale from Spot Check Clinic include: