As we get older, the effects of long-term sun exposure become visible. The skin develops pigmentation, fine blood vessels and wrinkles. Angiomas and seborrhoeic keratoses appear, and skin texture becomes thin and loose.

Sun damage and ageing skin can be treated, leading to clearer, younger-looking skin. Some skin repair treatments reduce the risk of skin cancer or pre-cancer conditions.

Signs of sun damage and ageing skin

As the skin ages — even without sunburn — the effects of long term sun exposure are more visible. Some of these effects, such as solar keratoses, increase the risk of skin cancer developing in the sun-damaged area. Others are more of a cosmetic concern, making the skin look blotchy or wrinkled.

Skin repair treatments

Skin repair treatments aim to:

  • reduce brown pigmentation due to lentigines ("age spots")
  • remove red spots caused by blood vessels (angiomas, fine capillaries and generalised redness)
  • make the skin smoother and less wrinkled
  • encourage growth of new, healthy skin cells and production of collagen, which makes the skin firmer and stronger
  • eradicate certain pre-cancer skin conditions
  • in some cases, reduce the risk of skin cancer

Best results are achieved by using a combination of treatments, e.g. laser and/or broadband light plus microneedling, plus a topical cream or creams. Some of the most effective creams are available only with a prescription from our doctor.

BBL treatment of a woman's chest

For flat coloured areas and lesions including lentigines, multiple small angiomas, and telangiectasia

Radiofrequency mole removal from a man's cheek

For raised lesions including dermal moles, seborrhoeic keratoses, single/isolated angiomas

LED red light phototherapy applied to a woman's face

Assists wound healing and reduces scarring. Accelerates recovery from skin repair and surgical procedures.

Microneedling treatment of forehead

Increases collagen production to treat scars, wrinkles and loose skin.

Helps skin absorb topical medications.

PDT: microneedling, cream application, LED light

A combination of topical, red LED light and other treatments for skin cancers and areas of severely sun-damaged skin.

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