Telangiectasia and rosacea

Fine red linear blood vessels in the skin. They are a common feature of sun-damaged and ageing skin. Effective cosmetic treatments are available.

Also known as

telangiectases, spider telangiectasis, broken capillaries, spider veins

Symptoms and signs

  • A network of small linear blood vessels in the skin
  • A spider telangiectasis may have a central solid and slightly raised portion with small linear blood vessels radiating from it

Risk factors

  • Long term sun exposure
  • Increasing age
  • Smoking
  • Multiple medical syndromes and conditions, for example liver disease, pregnancy, Cushing syndrome

Prognosis / outcome

Telangiectasia are harmless and treatment is not required unless it is for a significant underlying medical condition.


Telangiectasia persist indefinitely if they are not treated. Cosmetic treatments can often clear them, but they tend to recur with time and further maintenance treatments may be required.

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Telangiectasia and rosacea

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Telangiectasia and rosacea

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Telangiectasia and rosacea
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