Rosacea services now available

20 Mar

It might be the combination of hot, humid weather, sun exposure and long term face masks... Lately, a lot of people visiting the clinic for skin cancer check-ups seem to have rosacea.

Rosacea is a chronic condition causing inflammation and increased blood flow in the skin of the face. Symptoms include facial flushing, sensitive skin and prominent blood vessels on the cheeks and nose. It can be a distressing condition for those who have it.

Many rosacea treatments are used in the management of skin cancers and sun-damaged skin, so we're able to offer treatment for this condition:

  • Unlike a dermatologist, we don't require a referral. Anyone can book an appointment for rosacea assessment and treatment.
  • Unlike a laser clinic staffed by dermal therapists, we have a doctor with qualifications in primary care dermatology, so we can prescribe medications and discuss various treatment options

We can treat rosacea with BBL intense pulsed light, prescription medications (topical creams and gels, or oral antibiotics), evidence-based non-prescription cosmeceutical products and low level light therapy for people unable to take anti-rosacea medications or intense pulsed light treatment.

We've added information to the website to help patients better understand rosacea and how to manage it.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a rosacea assessment appointment or BBL intense pulsed light treatment.