Sun damaged skin

Sun-damaged skin includes pigmentation (freckles/"age spots"), wrinkles and prominent blood vessels. It is often loose and thin

Also known as

Photoageing, solar degeneration, poikiloderma, solar elastosis, skin ageing

Symptoms and signs

  • Changes in skin pigmentation and blood vessels: blotchy pigmentation, loss of pigmentation, prominent freckles ("age spots"), development of solar keratoses
  • Changes in skin consistency: wrinkles, loose and thin skin

Risk factors

  • Ultraviolet exposure: mainly long term, repeated sun exposure over many years
  • Increasing age
  • Smoking

Prognosis / outcome


With increasing age and sun exposure, changes in pigmentation, vessels and skin consistency will increase.

Medications for


Sun damaged skin

Prevention of


Sun damaged skin

  • Avoid excessive ultraviolet exposure. For the best prevention of the signs of ageing, wear sunscreen every day, even when the ultraviolet index is low. Avoid smoking, eat a balanced diet containing fruit and vegetables daily.

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Sun damaged skin
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