Skin rejuvenation clinic

12 Feb

As well as offering skin cancer screening and treatments, we're also a skin and facial rejuvenation clinic, with treatments for pigmentation, visible vessels, unwanted moles, fine wrinkles and other signs of sun-damaged and ageing skin.

Skin rejuvenation treatments we offer

If your skin is healthy, it looks better. We offer evidence-based treatments that have been shown to improve skin health in various ways, from increasing collagen production to reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Clients attending our Melbourne CBD clinic are often interested in ways of treating sun damage, ageing skin and potentially pre-cancerous conditions. Treating these issues improves the appearance of freckles,pigmentation, blood vessels and more.

Freckle removal

Freckles are treated using intense pulsed light (IPL) laser treatment.

How long does IPL take to work? A course of three treatments over 1-2 months will remove most facial freckles.

Pigmentation treatments

Pigmentation can usually be treated effectively using IPL, but some forms of pigmentation, such as melasma, may not respond. In these cases, we may recommend or prescribe topical treatments containing retinoids and other skin pigment fading ingredients.

Blood vessel, spider veins, capillary and angioma treatments

Small superficial blood vessels are easily managed with IPL laser treatment. Large numbers or areas of vessels can be managed relatively quickly.

Larger, raised angiomas may not respond well to light-based treatments such as IPL and laser. These spots are best treated with either electrosurgery (sometimes called diathermy) or radiofrequency surgery.


Microneedling, also known as percutaneous collagen induction, is treatment with tiny sterile needles, creating thousands of shallow perforations in the skin. It’s used on thin and wrinkled skin to stimulate collagen production, making the skin smoother and plumper.

Microneedling is also used in the management of wounds and scars to optimise the appearance.

Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a combination treatment used mainly on areas of skin with extensive sun damage, or as a non-surgical treatment for certain skin cancers. It can be thought of as a powerful skin peel with compound that selectively targets cancer and pre-cancerous skin cells.

A nurse or dermal therapist applies a cream which is left in place for 2-3 hours. The main ingredient is then activated by exposure to light, either in the form of an LED red light, or intense pulsed light. The result is destructive to skin cancer and sun-damaged cells, while normal skin is not harmed. This treatment often causes significant redness and inflammation of the treated area, often with blistering and peeling.

Photodynamic therapy is highly effective as a treatment for skin rejuvenation in moderate to severely sun-damaged areas such as the scalp, face and chest.

LED light therapy

Low level light therapy using the Healite II LED device has been shown to accelerate wound healing and lead to lower rates of keloid scar formation after procedures.

We often use this treatment in combination with other cosmetic procedures:

  • to speed up wound healing and reduce the risk of scar development following cosmetic mole removal procedures
  • to settle inflammation and help recovery after microneedling
Low level light treatment is one of the easiest and most comfortable facial rejuvenation treatments, suitable for pregnant women and those who prefer to avoid skin rejuvenation treatments involving uncomfortable procedures or injections.

Laser hair removal

Our broadband light (BBL) device has a setting for hair removal by intense pulsed light. Some clients of the clinic have found this treatment preferable to traditional laser hair removal, especially when large areas are treated. Using the “in motion” technique, our therapist can work quickly, gliding the treatment handpiece gently over the treatment area while high-energy flashes of light are delivered to the skin. With this treatment, there is much less discomfort compared with the older style of hair removal laser.

Prescription treatments

Our doctor can assess your skin for signs of ageing and sun damage and recommend appropriate prescription products for short- or long-term treatment of sun damage.

Skin care products and advice

We stock a small range of evidence-based skin care products that offer maximum value-for-money. These include vitamin B3/niacinamide moisturiser and serum, vitamin C serum, liposomal sunscreen, hyaluronic acid.

We neither sell nor recommend expensive “cosmeceutical" brands which generally have minimal evidence of being any more effective than more affordable products using well known and widely-tested ingredients.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers, fat injections and other facial sculpting services are not currently available at Spot Check Clinic.

We plan to introduce anti-wrinkle injections to our range of treatments later in 2022. While not strictly required for optimal skin health, anti-wrinkle injections give a rapid and powerful rejuvenation effect with minimal side effects.

Finding the right treatments for your skin

We are concerned with keeping the skin as healthy as possible.

The “right” skin rejuvenation treatment for everyone always involves avoiding excessive sun exposure, using a broad-spectrum sunscreen, stopping smoking and making healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise choices.

Knowing what your skin needs

Beyond the essential skin health requirements, the treatment that's right for you will depend on:

  • What are the major concerns about your skin health or appearance?
  •  What are you hoping to achieve from cosmetic or rejuvenation treatments?
  •  What side effects, discomfort or downtime are you prepared to tolerate?
  • What treatments can you afford?

Our doctor, registered nurse or dermal therapist can discuss treatment options that align with your requirements.

Keep your skin looking radiant and youthful

You can do a lot to keep your skin looking its best without visiting a skin rejuvenation clinic.

By far, the best things you can do to keep your skin healthy are:

  • Keep exposure to ultraviolet radiation to a minimum
  • Don’t smoke
  • Eat a diet high in vegetables, olive oil, fish and legumes
  • Exercise regularly

If you would like to pursue further treatments for removing or reducing freckles, pigmentation, wrinkles, blood vessels and more, we would be happy to meet you at our Melbourne CBD clinic.