COVID update:

Open for all services, including skin checks, mole mapping, cosmetic mole removal, IPL, rosacea assessment and treatment, microneedling and LED light therapy.

Precautions we take to minimise COVID-19 transmission

All Spot Check Clinic medical, nursing and administrative staff and contractors are vaccinated against COVID-19.

When COVID-19 restrictions or mandates are in effect, we use a combination of some or all of the following precautions. Some of these precautions still apply even when there are no COVID-19 restrictions.


Mask-wearing requirements have eased. You are no longer legally required to wear a mask in medical clinics.

Skin clinics are a potentially high risk environment due to close physical contact during your examination and treatments, and a relatively high number of medically vulnerable patients. This means our doctor, nurse and other team members may continue wearing masks even though the government mandate has been discontinued.

Waiting room

We limit the number of people allowed in the waiting room to assist in social distancing.

If your appointment is more than 10 minutes away, we ask that you wait outside. There are many excellent cafés

Most waiting room seating is separated by at least 1.5m

No eating or drinking is allowed in the waiting room.

Restricted services

There are currently no restrictions on any of the medical or elective cosmetic services we provide.

During COVID-19 restrictions, we may not be able to offer elective services, procedures that generate aerosols or any consultations or services that prolong the amount of time you spend in the clinic. These services may include:

  • Molemapping/total body photography
  • Cosmetic mole removal
  • Cosmetic and skin repair consultations
  • IPL, radiofrequency, LED and other energy-based treatments
  • Microneedling treatments

During your consultation

Your doctor and nurse may wear a mask during your consultation.

All equipment used during your examination and procedures is either disposable or sanitised before use, including patient gowns and bed sheets.

Accompanying persons

Support persons/carers may attend consultations.

During times of higher COVID transmission, we may limit accompanying/support persons to the following cases:

  • children under 16
  • people who are unable to dress/undress without assistance
  • people who would have difficulty with communication or comprehension during a medical consultation

There may be exceptions to these conditions in certain circumstances at our discretion.


All staff and contractors of Spot Check Clinic are fully vaccinated against COVID.

We provide skin cancer, cosmetic and skin condition (rosacea) consultations, examinations and treatments to patients who have not been vaccinated.

This page was last updated on 5 April 2023.