Photodynamic treatment now available

30 Jan

We're now offering a new non-surgical treatment for skin cancers and solar keratoses which offers excellent cosmetic results (DermNet NZ 2007).

Photodynamic therapy involves the use of a topical drug which when activated by light is toxic to cancer and sun-damaged cells but has minimal effect on surrounding normal skin.

Benefits of photodynamic therapy:

  • For treating skin cancers, the cosmetic result is usually superior to any other treatment (i.e. surgery, cryotherapy, topical creams)
  • Treats an area of sun-damaged skin (e.g. an entire face) rather than targeting individual spots
  • In most cases, treatment only requires a single visit to the clinic (although a follow-up visit is usually required in order to assess treatment results)
  • No need to apply cream daily or twice daily for 4-6 weeks
  • Minimal discomfort after treatment; skin irritation usually settles within days
  • Some private health insurers pay a rebate for this treatment

If you have a skin cancer or sun damage suitable for photodynamic therapy, your doctor will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment.