Compound naevus (mole)

A compound naevus is a normal and harmless group of melanocytes (pigment cells) from different skin layers, and may be irregular in shape, colour and elevation.

Also known as

compound mole, compound nevus

Symptoms and signs

  • Partially raised, unevenly-coloured spot or lump on the skin
  • The central part is often raised while the outer part is flat.

Risk factors

  • Family history: close relatives with multiple moles
  • Frequent or prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation (sunlight) as a child or teenager may cause more moles to develop
  • Immunosuppressant medication

Prognosis / outcome

Compound moles are normal and harmless and usually persist unchanged without developing into skin cancer.


A compound mole may develop from a formerly flat (junctional) mole. As time passes, in some cases it may become more raised and develop into a dermal mole and eventually resolve.

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Compound naevus (mole)

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Compound naevus (mole)


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Compound naevus (mole)
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