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Radiofrequency cosmetic mole and skin lesion removal

Radio waves destroy the skin lesion with minimal damage to other tissues. For raised moles and other skin lesions, this method usually results in less scarring than other methods of mole removal.

A doctor removes the skin lesion by burning it with radio waves. This technique minimises damage to surrounding tissues and has a relatively low rate of scarring compared with other skin lesion removal procedures.

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Standard fee

From $220

Note that all fees refer to out-of-pocket expenses. If a medical consultation and/or biopsy is performed as part of your cosmetic mole removal procedure, there will be extra fee, normally with a 100 per cent rebate from Medicare. If you are not covered by Medicare, you may also need to pay the laboratory for histopathological examination of a skin biopsy specimen.

First lesion

Face: $330, body $220

Second lesion

Face: $220, body $110

Third, fourth and fifth lesions

Face: $110, body $82.50

All subsequent lesions

Face: $55, body: $44

Discount fee

Medicare rebate

No Medicare rebate payable for radiofrequency skin lesion removal.

Sometimes, the removed tissue is sent for histological examination by a skin pathologist. In these cases, we will charge a fee which is 100 per cent rebated by Medicare.

Private health insurance

This procedure is not covered by private health insurers.