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Radiofrequency or laser cosmetic mole and skin lesion removal

Radio waves or laser destroy the skin lesion with minimal damage to other tissues. For most moles and other skin lesions, this method usually results in less scarring than other methods of mole removal.

A doctor removes the skin lesion by burning it with radio waves or a laser. These techniques minimise damage to surrounding tissues and have a relatively low rate of scarring compared with other skin lesion removal procedures.

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Standard fee

From $275, highly variable

Note that these fees refer to out-of-pocket expenses for your mole removal treatment.

If a consultation and examination is medically required, you will receive a 100% rebate from Medicare if you are covered.

First lesion

Face, forehead, neck, chest, visible parts of scalp: $385, body $275 (See notes below re Dermasensor assessment and biopsy fees)

Second and third lesions

Face, forehead, neck, chest, visible parts of scalp: $220, body $110

Fourth and fifth lesions

Face, forehead, neck, chest, visible parts of scalp: $110, body $82.50

All subsequent lesions

Face, forehead, neck, chest, visible parts of scalp: $55, body: $44

The fee covers all treatments required to remove the mole, plus scar mitigation and management treatments if required, up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of initial treatment.

If a biopsy is required to rule out skin cancer, there will be a fee of approximately $50 per lesion, which is 100% rebated by Medicare if you are covered. Laboratory expenses are bulk-billed if you are covered by Medicare, otherwise the laboratory will charge a fee for each specimen processed. We are unable to advise the exact fee for this service, but we estimate approximately $300 for each specimen. For more information, please contact Infinity Pathology.

Alternatively, we can perform a Dermasensor elastic scattering spectroscopy analysis of your moles to determine the risk of skin cancer. This procedure carries less risk of scarring than a punch or shave biopsy, but is not covered by Medicare. Fees are $50 for the first lesion analysed, $25 for the second and $12.50 for the third and all subsequent lesions analysed.

Discount fee

Not applicable

Medicare rebate

No Medicare rebate payable for radiofrequency or laser skin lesion removal.

Sometimes, the removed tissue is sent for histological examination by a skin pathologist. In these cases, we will charge a fee which is 100 per cent rebated by Medicare.

If you are not covered by Medicare, we charge $123.65 per specimen for performing a biopsy. The laboratory that processes the specimen will also charge a fee, commonly about $300 per specimen. We cannot provide exact pricing. For more information, contact Infinity Pathology directly (

Private health insurance

This procedure is not covered by private health insurers.