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Freezing of superficial/surface skin lesion(s) with liquid nitrogen.

Superficial skin lesions affecting only the surface of the skin can be treated by freezing the area with liquid nitrogen. This procedure is most commonly used for solar keratoses (sun damaged skin), superficial basal cell carcinoma and Bowen's disease, but it can be useful for seborrhoeic keratoses, lentigines and skin tags.


Standard fee

$16.50 to $88.00

We always charge a fee when a lesion is removed for cosmetic purposes. The fee varies according to the number of lesions treated.

  • 1-3 lesions: $16.50
  • 4-10 lesions: $44.00
  • >10 lesions: $88.00

For medical treatments, we charge an amount approximately equal to the Medicare Schedule fee ($55.00 for superficial skin cancer, $45.00 for treatment of 10 or more solar keratoses).

Discount fee

Not applicable

Medicare rebate

$35.55 - $43.45

Medicare pays a rebate for cryotherapy treatment of superficial skin cancers and solar keratoses (10 or more). There is no rebate payable for treatment of seborrhoeic keratoses, skin tags, overgrown scars or other lesions.

Private health insurance

No rebate payable