Mole removal

How much does mole removal cost in Australia?

The cost of mole removal in Australia can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the type, size and location of the mole, the method used to remove it, whether the "mole" is actually a skin cancer. The cost may also be influenced by the experience and qualifications of the practitioner removing the mole. At Spot Check Clinic, fees range from approximately $90 for removal of a mole by shave excision up to approximately $800 for surgical excision of some melanomas.

The cost of removing a mole varies according to:

  • the size and anatomical location of the mole
  • the diagnosis (removing a skin cancer is more expensive than removing a benign mole)

How the doctor removes the mole influences the price. Indicative fees at Spot Check Clinic:

  • Cryotherapy of a single skin tag or seborrhoeic keratosis is usually less than $20 for a single lesion
  • Shave excision (without stitches) or electrosurgery is approximately $90-120 for a single lesion
  • Surgical excision with stitches varies from $190 to over $700 depending on diagnosis, size, anatomical location and complexity of the procedure
  • IPL treatment of a single lesion (e.g. angioma or lentigo) starts at $120 for a single treatment. (More than one treatment may be required.)
  • Radiofrequency surgery of raised moles is $385 for the first mole removed from the face, neck, chest or visible parts of the scalp. Fees for subsequent moles or other parts of the body are less.

If a procedure is covered by Medicare, the fee usually includes any normal foreseeable aftercare, for example removal of stitches or dressing changes.

In all cases, there may be additional fees for associated consultations, biopsy procedures, and the laboratory may charge a fee for histological analysis of skin specimens. There is always a risk of getting a scar from mole removal. At Spot Check Clinic, fees for cosmetic mole and skin lesion removal using radiofrequency surgery, laser or IPL include limited follow-up treatment for managing scars if required.

It's also important to keep in mind that while cost is an important consideration, it's not the only factor to consider when deciding on a treatment. Safety, effectiveness, and the experience and qualifications of the practitioner should also be taken into account.

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