Online consulting

If you can't visit Spot Check Clinic in person, send us a photo of your spot and receive an opinion using our online consulting service.

Online consulting is not a substitute for a full body skin check or a dermoscopic examination by an experienced skin cancer specialist, but it can be useful if:

  • you are in quarantine at home or unable to visit the CBD due to COVID-19 restrictions
  • you can't easily visit a skin cancer specialist
  • appointments at the clinic are limited
  • you want to know quickly if a spot needs to be examined more closely
  • you have an existing photograph of the spot taken at our clinic and want our doctor to check a new photograph to see if it's growing or changing
If you use our online consulting service, you must send high quality, well-lit and in-focus photographs using a magnifying device. If you send unfocussed or poorly-lit photos we might be unable to provide an accurate diagnosis.

How our online consulting service works

Step 1: Obtain a magnifying device

To get the best result, you must magnify your spot or mole so that the doctor can see the fine details.

For the best quality photo and most reliable diagnosis, we recommend the MoleScope II or the MoleScope Lite. oth are available online from MetaOptima.

If you skip this step and send us photos without magnification, we can't see early skin cancer signs and we might not be able to give a definite diagnosis.

Step 2: Photograph and upload your spot

If you've previously visited Spot Check Clinic, use the MoleScope app or website to upload photos of your spot to your medical record.

If you haven't previously visited Spot Check Clinic, register with MoleScope, download the app, take and upload photos of your spot of concern.

Step 3: A skin cancer doctor will reply

We'll do our best to send you information about your photo within two working days, including a plan for managing it.

You'll receive information in writing via the MoleScope app.

How to take and upload your photo

How to photograph your spot

We need good quality, well-lit, focussed pictures at high magnification in order to make the best possible diagnosis.

Tips on photographing your own skin lesions

Caution: If your photograph is not of sufficient quality, we won't be able to give an accurate diagnosis and MoleScope will charge you for the consultation regardless.

Existing patients of Spot Check Clinic

If you are an existing Spot Check Clinic patient, you probably already have photos taken by your doctor and stored in the DermEngine/MoleScope system. We recommend you download the MoleScope app because it integrates with your existing photographic records.

If you haven't already done so, download and install the free MoleScope app for iOS or Android

The app comes with a built-in guide, including a video, to show you how to photograph spots of concern. Note that you don't have to use the MoleScope magnfying device; the dyplens is a cheaper alternative (although the quality of photos is not as good).

New to Spot Check Clinic

If you've never visited Spot Check Clinic, register with MoleScope. You'll receive information about how to download the MoleScope app, take photos of your spot of concern, and upload it to us.

What happens next?

Your Spot Check Clinic skin specialist will review your photos and write a brief report explaining the possible diagnosis and giving recommendations about how to manage your spot. This report appears in your app, and on the MoleScope website. You will receive an email notification when your report is ready for viewing.


Spot Check Clinic's online consulting service is available to anyone in Australia, even if they have not visited Spot Check Clinic.

  • Existing Spot Check Clinic patients already have access to photographs of their skin taken during consultations at the clinic, using the DermEngine / MoleScope system. The online consulting service can be used for submitting photos of previously-photographed moles, to see if they have changed, or new spots of concern not previously photographed at Spot Check Clinic.
  • If you have not visited Spot Check Clinic before, you can upload a photo using the MoleScope app. This service is available only to people in Australia.

MoleScope is a free app for iOS or Android devices, allowing you to take a photo with the built-in camera.

Online consulting is not available by email. If you send clinical information it is not encrypted and may not be stored on a secure server located in Australia. If you send a photograph or other clinical information by email, we will ask you to re-send it using MoleScope.

Please refer to our Terms of Use before using the online consulting service.


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