Surgical scars are usually a line or long, narrow ellipse at the site of a skin procedure. Sometimes they become raised or discoloured.

Also known as

Hypertrophic scar, keloid scar, hypertrophic surgical scar, overgrown scar, raised scar, cicatrix

Symptoms and signs

  • Discoloured patch (often pink or red) at the site of a surgical procedure
  • Firm, raised lump at the site of a surgical procedure

Risk factors

  • Stretching of the skin during a procedure, in order to bring the skin edges together
  • Stretching of the skin after the procedure, for a period of several weeks
  • Wound infection and breakdown

Prognosis / outcome

A raised or overgrown scar is usually permanent unless it is treated. It rarely causes any medical issues although it may be unsightly, itchy and uncomfortable.


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Surgical scars

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Surgical scars


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Surgical scars
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