Lichenoid keratosis

A patch or plaque caused by inflammation, often at the site of a pre-existing lesion such as a lentigo. It is harmless and often resolves without treatment.

Also known as

LPLK, lichen planus-like keratosis

Symptoms and signs

  • A rough patch or plaque, often sore or irritated.
  • The appearance is usually non-specific and may resemble a superficial skin cancer on examination by a doctor.

Risk factors

  • Lichenoid keratosis may be caused by inflammation due to drugs, dermatitis, or sun exposure, but usually the cause is not known

Prognosis / outcome

Lichenoid keratosis is harmless and there are no complications.


Lichenoid keratosis may become irritated or inflamed, often without any apparent cause. It often resolves by itself without treatment

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Lichenoid keratosis

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Lichenoid keratosis

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Lichenoid keratosis

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Lichenoid keratosis
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