A common and harmless scar-like lump. A dermatofibroma can appear at the site of an injury, foreign body or insect bite, but usually the cause is unknown.

Also known as

histiocytoma, subepidermal nodular fibrosis

Symptoms and signs

  • Firm lump in the skin, can occur anywhere on the body but most common on the lower leg
  • Centrally raised and firm, often pale in the middle and pigmented around the edges

Risk factors

  • Females are affected more commonly with males, at a ratio of about 1.4 : 1

Prognosis / outcome

Dermatofibromas are harmless and treatment is not required. They may seem to fluctuate in size and consistency, and in some cases disappear spontaneously.


Dermatofibromas do not develop into skin cancer. Occasionally they are itchy, and can be painful if pressure is applied.

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