BBL intense pulsed light treatment

How many BBL laser treatments do I need?

The number of BBL laser treatments required to achieve optimal results can vary depending on the individual's skin type and the condition being treated. In general, small lesions such as angiomas can be treated with a smaller number of treatments, while long-established skin conditions such as rosacea may require a series of multiple treatments.

For some individuals, a single BBL treatment may be sufficient to completely remove an angioma or freckle, especially if the person is fair skinned and there is a marked difference in colour between the skin lesion and the underlying skin.

However, for more complex skin conditions such as rosacea or severe solar damage, a series of treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. In general, three treatments are recommended for rejuvenation and pigment treatment, while six or more treatments may be necessary for long-term hair removal and rosacea treatment. Individuals with darker skin types may require additional treatments to achieve optimal results.

Not all BB treatments lead to "perfect" results. It's useful to examine photos taken before and after BBL treatment to understand its effects. There's often a dramatic improvement after a single treatment, and some people decide this is all they need. Others will seek the "best treatment for face pigmentation" and might require a series of multiple treatments to get the result that satisfies them. It's worth noting that when comparing BBL versus IPL treatment, fewer BBL treatments may be required due to its ability to deliver more energy to the skin with less discomfort.

In darker skin, its important to tailor the BBL treatment parameters to avoid over-treatment and burning. Often, more gentle treatment settings are required, and this may result in a longer overall treatment course requiring more sessions.

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