Mole removal

Is laser mole removal expensive?

Laser mole removal of a single spot can be relatively inexpensive, especially if the spot responds to a single treatment. However, most spots treated by laser require several treatments (typically 3 or 4) and this increases the cost.

Removing a mole using laser can be inexpensive if there is just one skin lesion to be removed and it responds to a single treatment. This is often the case with lesions that aren't actually moles, such as angiomas or telangiectasia (visible blood vessels). At Spot Check Clinic, we charge approximately $120-150 for IPL treatment of a single spot on a single occasion.

Unfortunately, most skin lesions require more than a single treatment to completely resolve, and this can add to the expense. A course of three treatments to a single spot such as a lentigo (age spot) or mole costs approximately $300 at the time of writing (January 2023). The fee for removing additional spots is less, and generally calculated on a case by case basis taking into account the number, size and location of lesions to treat. For example, some patients wish to treat multiple (up to 20 or 30) angiomas at one time. We are able to calculate a package fee for treating multiple lesions over repeated visits.

Removing an actual mole includes extra risks and considerations which may further increase the fee. It's safe to remove moles in general, and in particular laser mole removal is safe because there is minimal risk of scarring, infection or pain following the procedure. However, it's important to avoid the risk of inadvertently treating a melanoma with laser, which could theoretically lead to it spreading undetected. This means whenever laser mole removal is contemplated, the mole must be examined closely by an experienced doctor using a dermoscope. The doctor may use additional techniques to rule out melanoma, including AI-based assessment of dermoscopic photos, spectroscopic analysis, and serial high-magnification photography to check for changes before the mole is removed. These extra examinations and investigations can add to the cost of laser mole removal. This means that the fee for laser mole removal is approximately $300-400 (out of pocket) for the first mole, and less for multiple moles.

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