For at least 2 weeks before your procedure

Avoid sun exposure on the area to be treated.

Don’t apply fake tan or take supplements that promote tanning.

For several days before your procedure

Don’t apply any of the following to your face (or other treatment area):

  • tinted make-up, moisturiser or sunscreen
  • topical products containing retinoids, tretinoin, vitamin C, AHAs, BHAs
  • perfume or essential oils.

If you are taking medication, check the list at If you are taking any of these medications, ask your prescribing doctor if it’s safe to stop taking it for 2-3 days before your laser procedure. If not, contact us and our doctor or registered nurse will provide advice.

If you experience outbreaks of cold sores and your planned procedure will be on your face, we recommend that you take famciclovir (Famvir), one 500mg tablet twice daily for 3 days before your procedure. (You can buy two packets of 3 tablets without a prescription.) Contact us if you would like our doctor to prescribe a packet with more tablets.

On the day of your procedure

In the morning, wash your skin using a gentle, non-soap cleanser.

Don’t apply any skin products to the area, since they sometimes contain ingredients that can cause irritation on exposure to very bright light such as laser. If you will be outside before your procedure, make sure you’re wearing a low-irritant sunscreen with no pigment.

Please don’t apply make-up on the day of treatment.