Services and pricing

Low level light therapy (Healite II)

The skin is treated with concentrated light at either 633 or 830 nm wavelength for approximately 15 minutes. This treatment promotes wound healing, settles pain and inflammation and reduces the risk of scarring after procedures.


Standard fee


Pricing is based on a session duration of 15 minutes.

The fee is variable depending on the number of treatment sessions and whether LLLT is administered in conjunction with other treatments.

Add-on to procedure

In conjunction with a surgical excision procedure or microneedling: $90

  • 1 x pre-procedure session
  • 1 x session immediately following procedure
  • 1 x post-procedure session

Stand-alone treatments

  • single session $50
  • course of 3 treatments: $120

Discount fee

Medicare rebate

No rebate payable

Private health insurance