Primary care skin cancer doctor

Part time, with a view to increasing to full time. Contractor or employee role.
Immediate start

About Spot Check Clinic

Established in 2017, Spot Check Clinic is a privately-owned skin cancer, skin health and aesthetic clinic.

We attract clients from across greater Melbourne and beyond. Our practice consists of a large proportion of younger, well-educated and professional people who appreciate quality communication and education and understand the role of technology in skin cancer screening and diagnosis. All patients are provided with access to clinical photographs and pathology results, and we perform limited mole mapping photography as part of most skin cancer screening appointments. We're dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience in terms of comfort, convenience, respectfulness and friendliness.

The clinic was established by Dr Chris Miller and to date we've operated as a single doctor practice. To react to the challenges of repeated lockdowns in the Melbourne CBD, and to accommodate the interests of our patient base, we've expanded into areas such as skin repair/rejuvenation, cosmetic mole removal and rosacea management. We are now booked well in advance and would like to offer the services of an additional doctor to satisfy patient demand.

About the role

The role is flexible in terms of hours and days worked, but will need to fit in with the clinic's operating hours: 8:30am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. There are no current plans for weekend sessions.

The main duties in this position are skin cancer screening and diagnosis, surgical and non-surgical management of skin cancers and other skin lesions, and education in skin cancer prevention and skin care strategies.

Depending on your interests, there are also opportunities for the medical management of dermatological conditions and aesthetic procedures including radiofrequency surgery, IPL, low level light therapy and other treatments. We can help you build a practice based on any extra areas of interest: surgical, aesthetic, injecting, dermatological, etc.We can even offer general practice consulting sessions in our attached general practice if you wish.

We are open to negotiation in relation to employee vs. private contractor status, remuneration and/or service fees.


Support is provided by a full time nurse and/or clinical assistant who can, depending on your preferences, provide assistance with none, some or all of the following:

  • Patient intake and education
  • Clinical, dermoscopic and mole mapping photography
  • Dressings, wound management and suture removal
  • Application and supervision of photodynamic therapy
  • Assistance during surgical procedures

Equipment and facilities

Consulting rooms are designed to be self-contained with facilities suitable for skin surgical procedures.

We use the following equipment/technology:

  • DermEngine image storage and processing software
  • Helix cloud-based practice management and medical records software
  • Hyfrecator electrocautery device
  • Ellman Surgitron radiofrequency surgical device
  • Sciton mJoule BBL/intense pulsed light
  • Lutronic Healite II LED light


Minimum responsibilities include but may not be limited to:

  • Consultation with and examination of clients presenting for skin cancer check-ups or with specific skin cancer-related concerns
  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions (excision, biopsy, curettage, radiosurgery, diathermy, PDT etc)
  • Assessment and management of sun-damaged skin, prescription of and supervision of treatments including topical medications, intense pulsed light, microneedling, low level light therapy
  • Use of digital imaging equipment for analysis and documentation of skin lesions
  • Oversight of treatments and investigations for your patients (e.g. total body photography, IPL, PDT performed by nurse)
  • Maintenance of high quality medical records

Further responsibilities depend on your interests, and may include:

  • Medical management of dermatological conditions
  • Aesthetic procedures including radiofrequency surgery, IPL, microneedling and low level light therapy. (If you are interested in providing injectables, we can provide support.)
  • Surgical procedures for patients referred by other practitioners
  • Online consultations via the DermEngine system

If you are interested, there is the possibility of work in City Medical, the general practice co-located on our premises.

Skills and experience required


  • Dermoscopy, skin cancer screening examination and diagnosis
  • Basic skin surgical skills (i.e. skin lesion biopsies, elliptical excision)
  • Strong communication and patient education/counselling skills.


  • Experience with dermoscopic and clinical photography using DermEngine software
  • More advanced surgical skills (i.e. skin grafts and flaps)
  • Interest and experience in medical aesthetics and skin rejuvenation
  • Interest and experience in management of dermatological condittions

Educational requirements

MBBS or equivalent. Qualifications in dermoscopy and skin cancer diagnosis/management (SCCA, Healthcert, etc).

Qualifications required

Current AHPRA registration with no restrictions on licence. Current medical indemnity insurance with coverage for specialist skin cancer activities/treatments. Desirable: SCCA accredited skin cancer doctor.

Contact details

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